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Welcome to the Labor of Love BlogHop!!!!!

From sweet to dark, divas of romance work their fingers to the bone for your reading pleasure in the Labor of Love Bloghop from 9/4-9/6. Join us and enter to win a Kindle with new, heart-pounding titles just for you! Enter here!

I chose Operation One Night Stand as my Labor of Love. Release June 2, 2015 by Forever Romance, I love how this book captures my personality. The voice is more genuine than anything else I’ve written and the characters have become my absolute favorite characters to write and discover. The second novel in the series, Operation Foreplay, releases November 10, 2015. I hope you’ll check them out.



Caroline Frost had it all-until her boyfriend banged the superskank intern, and poof! Caroline’s happy little bubble disappeared. Now it’s been six weeks of weeping, a mountain of ice cream, and a permanent buttprint on the couch. Enough is enough. She and her ladybits need an intervention-now.

Enter Operation: One Night Stand: Find a man who is hotness personified and have some much-needed sexy time. The only problem is that Caroline is torn between a flirtatious, well-built guy and the ridiculously hot bartender serving her shots. This was supposed to be all fun and no games, but like the perfect scotch on the rocks, no good fling finishes without a twist . .



I had commandeered the sofa. The beautiful, butter-yellow sofa Sarah had purchased when she first moved to her amazingly spacious two-bedroom apartment almost three years ago now probably had a permanent imprint of my ass. The cushions had become a wasteland overflowing with wads of snotty tissues, and creamy brown stains from my new, aptly named addiction—Pint of Tears—smeared the arm. My trusty sidekick, Mr. Bibbles, a childhood stuffed thing—I wasn’t sure anymore if he ever really was a bear—lay oddly contorted at my side.

For five years, Steven and I dated. Lived together. Worked together. Dreamed together. That was before it all went to shit. That was before I found him in mybed with Betsy the Intern. That was before he figured it was okay to forget about the fact that he was my fiancé. That was before I found myself homeless, refusing to ask my parents for help. I showed up with nothing but a suitcase full of crap—and Mr. Bibbles—at Sarah’s door. I didn’t even have to ask. Within twenty-four hours, my room was decorated, my bed was made, and I was moved in.

For the past six weeks, I’d lived with Sarah. My best friend, my trusty confidant, and, probably, the only person on earth who’d have put up with my shit for as long as she has. Besides the other third of our trio, Mel. My nightly crying fits, my refusal to leave the house for anything other than work, and my newly minted status as Ice Cream Dreams’s most valuable customer wore on my friends.

Every day on the way home from work, before I planted my growing ass on the once beautiful sofa and cried, I stopped at a tiny little ice cream shop called Ice Cream Dreams. They pride themselves on making any ice cream concoction to fit any mood. The first day I walked in, the girl behind the counter took one look at me and Pint of Tears was born. Chocolate on chocolate mixed with chocolate, gummy bears, marshmallow, and peanut butter. It became their best-selling ice cream flavor of the fall. Probably because of me.

Me and my ever-growing, ice-cream-eating, tear-shedding, sofa-arm-smearing ass.

I would silently curse Sarah as she invited me out every Friday. Every Saturday. I would inwardly cringe at the ten pounds I’d gained—while simultaneously thanking my speedy metabolism that it wasn’t more—as I watched from my perch on her butter-yellow sofa, while she left for the gym with yoga mat in hand.

All I needed was a spoon, a pint, and a remote control.

My new life.


Head over to Facebook and check out the Blog Hop event page. As a personal giveaway I’m giving away a signed copy of Operation One Night Stand. To enter my personal giveaway, simply leave a comment telling with your favorite pick-up line. I’ll pick one lucky winner (or will)!

Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance of winning two gift cards and a pre-loaded KINDLE!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Labor of Love Blog Hop

  1. It has been so long since I have heard any directed at me (married 16+ years) unless you count the cute little ones I get from the hubs. Hrmm………..kind of corny, ok REALLY corny, but it has always made me giggle “Dance with me so I can feel heaven for a few minutes?”

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  2. A guy at work always says to me “You’re so beautiful, you make my pacemaker stop”. He has a Spanish accent and it is so cheesy but every time he says it I smile. Thanks for the giveaway. ♡♡

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  4. Love, love your excerpt, Christine! Thank you so much for taking part in the hop and happy holiday weekend. Fav pick up line, dang it’s been awhile. let’s see…”Good thing I have my library card, because I’m checking you out.”


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